Hello and welcome to my blog.  Today I am going to share with you my recap of my second day at OnStage.  This was my first big event I may have mentioned that in yesterdays post you can see that here.  I’ve been to the smaller ones but this was the first big event and it was so much fun. On Friday we had two sessions we had a morning session and a evening session.  We had a three hour or so break in between each one.  

Upcoming Kit that I can not remember the name fut it’s super cute.  

Well my day was packed full of things to do doing the day.  The first half of the morning was packed with stamping presentations and achievements.  I walked across the stage for promoting in title during March till September of this year. 

I wore my the cute socks that my upper upline had given all the guys on the team.  They have little sheep on them.  I love them they are so cute.  

I got to meet a ton of people that follow me on social media.  These are only a few of the pictures.  

At 3 I had a group swap with the people take Ronda Wade’s Creative Success Training. In the complete swap there was 150 people, but we were broken into groups of 50.  Once that the swap was done we had a group photo done.  Ronda is probably one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a long time.  She just hit her 1million in sales a couple month’s before.  

As soon as I was done there I had to head to a meet and greet with the wonderful Kylie Bertucci from Australia.  She was ranked number 1 in the South Pacific market.  She and her husband (Bruno) are super fun and very cute. 

After that I had to run to a team dinner.  And then back to the second succession which kicked off with a fun party like feel.  A bunch of demonstrators were dancing and having a good time and then the next thing we knew here popped Sara out on the stage and started dancing with everyone.  She lead a conga line around the room it was such a blast.  

Image by Stampin’ Up!

After that we kicked things back off and they shared the second part of the story retreat.  Myself and Zahara had videos that night.  I have shared that video in my video recap below.  

Well after that we had Dale Hampshire who is the DDM and over the Canadian Office present and he started off with a dance and was so funny he was a highlight of the evening.  

Image by Stampin’ Up! 

We had more presentations and a couple more giveaways before we called it a night. 

Thanks for dropping by I will share one more recap later tonight and then tomorrow I am going to start sharing my swap cards I made and then all the swaps I got last week so be on the look out for these posts.  

Happy Stampin’