Hello and welcome to my blog today. I’m going to share with you another crafty Sunday post on how to create a set of tiered pumpkins that you can use for your door decorations getting ready for Halloween and Fall. Here’s a look at them.

Tips & Tricks:

When you create these little treasures of Fall splendor you first need to find the pumpkins. We picked ours up at Dollar Tree. I have another post this week using one in another way. Everything we used well almost everything came from the Dollar Tree.

We took three of the pumpkins and on two of them we took off the stems so that they would stack easily. In the very bottom one it has a small hole cut into the top so that we could place a 3/4″ thick wood dowel through it plus add some rocks (from the Dollar Tree) to add some weight to it. The dowel needs to be far enough down that it will go in the pot and be secure. We then started stacking the pumpkins one on top of each other asking just a little hot glue around the bottom of each to secure.

Once we got to the top Pumpkin we added some leaves that came from floral stems along with some holly berries and a little bow and streamers using some burlap and lace trimmed ribbon. This was secured to the top with hot glue.

I told you that they were super simple to do. We made two of these to go at the end of our walkway right at the street.

They each were created just the same.

To finish off the presentation we added about six stems of leaves each around the base of each Pumpkin stack. This one hides the dowel that wouldn’t go all the way down and two adds a little more touch of the Fall season.

Thanks for dropping by today. Have a happy Crafty Sunday.

Happy Crafting