Last night my friend Thelma had her annual Christmas in October downline meeting. That’s her meeting that the people that have signed up under her goes to for training (myself and a couple other demonstrators are not under her but we always attend her meetings.) Each year we each make a home made gift to take and play Dirty Santa with. This year I made the interchangeable “O” home decor piece and the gift packaging to put it in. Here’s a look at my project.

I created serval interchangeable o’s to be placed in the middle of the frame. This was very easy to do since we have a great assortments of die and stamps. I created one for every season and holiday I could think of.

Gift Box with a card:

To place my little gifts in I created a gift box and card that I saw Ronda Wade do on a video. Her bag box was created with standard 8 1/2 by 11 Paper sadly that didn’t work for my project. So I had to create it with 12×12. I will do a video on how I created mine. Here’s a picture of the bag box.

This made for a wonderful presentation and I was very happy with the results. I will share more pictures on the post about how to make it.

But for now let’s share some pictures of all the other fun projects people brought.

Barbara started out with my present at the start of the night. She was number 3 so she went after I did. At this point is when the stealing started.

Kathi had to go and inspect what Barbara and get a little closer look to see if she wanted to steel or not. After much thought Kathi ended up steeling the Interchangeable O project.

This was the next gift Barbara got to pick, but it ended up getting stolen from her also. Yes, I did because the wreath I had opened was stollen after Debra had already stollen the first gift I opened. It was a cut little box of 3×3 cards and some Christmas Gift tags. You can see Sherri looking it over with Debra hoping she want take it.

Sherry ended up not steeling the box and tags but instead took the Interchangeable O project making it dead and couldn’t be stolen again. She played her cards just right.

Up Close & Personal:

I’m going to share with you pictures of each gift and who created them.

Christmas 3×3 Cards and Gift Tag Box by Kathi
This is the inside of the box
Frosted Floral Wreath by Thelma
Debra made this cute little festive box that holds 6 treats.
Barbara Brought a Gratitude Book. We all actually ended up making one of our own tonight S a project.
Sherri made this cute little shadow box sampler

thanks for dropping by today I will see you here tomorrow with my project for this weeks Paper Craft Crew challenge.

Happy Stampin’