Hello and welcome to my blog today, I am going to share with you how to create galaxy background for your cards using watercolors.  This is a fun way to create the background, and a lot more colorful than you think.  Most people just think of a galaxy as just black and whites, but there are so many more colors in them.  Here’s a look at the card I’ve created using this technique.  You can see that post here.  

Creating a Galaxy:

Creating a galaxy with watercolors isn’t really as hard as it looks.  It’s just a mater of layering up your watercolors and using the right colors.  Yes, I said colors, because there’s a lot of different colors in a galaxy.  For example I started out by applying Yellow, magenta, and a blue from the 36 Half Pan Pallet.  Next I repeated the process again, but with the addition of a little Gold Watercolor (Don’t have gold watercolor you can make your own.  Watch my video on how to do that here.) 

I used the Arteza 36 half Pan Pallet as I mentioned before and I was really happy with the results.  The only cons that I have found with this pallet so far is that some of the pans don’t stay in the holders very well.  The prongs that hold them in need to be adjusted (no big deal just have to take a set of needle nose pliers to fix that).  The only other thing that I saw wrong was that the “black” wasn’t a true black in the pallet.  It was more of an umber color.  Which again wasn’t a big deal since I can mix any blue with a brown and get black.  The paints are differently a student grade paint but they have a nice pigment load and easy to paint with.  I wonder if the binder for these paints are honey, they have the same proprieties as others brands that bind with honey.  

This is a look after my second coat of watercolor, as I said even with this being a different quality they still gave a wonderful and surprisingly great result.  

You will want to add at least two layers of black paint to your background making sure to let them dry in between.  Plus you don’t want to cover all your colors up as well.  You do want some of the color to show through as you will see in the video.  

Flicking on the frost white shimmer paint that had been watered down makes all the difference in the world.  

Video Tutorial: 

Thanks for taking the time and dropping by today, I hope that this has helped and encourage you to try your own galaxy background.  I do encourage you to give the Arteza watercolors a try.  

Happy Stampin’