Hello and welcome to my blog today I’m going to share with you a project I made last night only using things I found at my local Dollar Tree. I wanted a couple of wreaths to hang out side but didn’t want to spend a ton of money on them because they are very expensive in the stores. So we went to Dollar Tree after dinner last night and I picked out some fun Fall florals and a couple Grapevine wreaths to make them. Here’s a look at my wreaths.

I made two wreaths for way less then what it would have cost for one anywhere else. I only spent $19 to make both including the command strips to hang them. I know right super great deal.

I made them so that they would be mirror images of each other since I knew I was going to be hanging them on opposite sides of our porch coming up the walk way.

Cost Break Down:

Each one have two different types of flowers (so $2 there) the wreath ($1) two different greenery pieces one grassy and one fern ($2) a floral stem that had feathers in them ($1). I split a stem of berries between the two(so .50 cents) on that. The ribbon came from the Dollar Tree also; I used a spool and a half for each bow (so $1.50) and some floral wire also from the Dollar Tree ($1.00) and a pack of four command hooks (.25) so for $9.25 each total cost. Not to bad if you ask me.

Well let’s get some pictures and videos transferred to the computer to work on for this weeks blog. I hope you have enjoyed today’s diy, oh and the best part I didn’t even break out the hot glue gun. Have a wonderful week and I hope that I inspired you to do something crafty for you home today.

Happy Crafting.