Well well well I survived the massive clean up and organization. It’s taken serval month’s but I’m finally finished. I started this project way back in June I think it’s been so long I can’t remember. Here’s a look at the before. I’m sure you all remember this mess I sure do. If you need to go back and catch up you can see the other posts Day one Day two and day three. And, I was wrong it was May when I started which is worse.

This room was awful and what made it worse is I tried to work in it while trying to do the clean out and reorganizing. So tip #1 don’t do that! If at all possible clean out your room completely and get it cleaned up and out of your space. If I had to go back I would’ve just taken the time off of work and done just that.

So here’s a look at the cleaned up version of the room. I still have a few things to do but nothing like the above picture or links.

This was taken in the same spot as above. Big Difference I know. Which will we are standing here I will give you a couple tips. Tip #2 buy more bins and containers then you need you can always return them. And to go along with that get some different sized ones. I don’t mean go buy Willy nilley I got bins and containers that I thought I would use for different things when I saw them knowing I could use them in the space. I know this isn’t what the professionals would say.

Tip#3: think outside the box. When it comes to reorganizing your space think outside the box. I picked up these gems at a thrift store and Tuesday Mornings on clearance knowing was was not going to use them for the intended use.

Just like with this little gem that now holds my punch boards it’s a toco rack that goes in the oven. It was a couple dollars at the thrift store and holds them all.

I picked up this mail sorter at Tuesday Mornings in the clearance section and knew it would be perfect for either the boards of something. I have my stamp scrubs in it under the table in open shelving and it works great. I can pull one out hand it to someone and stick it back when done. I also had room to put this paper Pumpkin box (which by the way contains my die brush and pad. It catches all those little pieces and can easily be dumped.) So I gave you two tips there.

Underneath this shelf I have clear bins that house all the cards I have that don’t fit on my card rack.

A friend gave me the wire paper rack it holds all my cardstock. I’m trying Rainbow order this year on organizing it normally I do it by color families. I have bins at the bottom of each on that holds things that need to be out of site. At the top tip 4: I have 8 1/2 x 11 plastic drawers picked up from Walmart to store my paper scraps. And they are all organized by colors. So I can go to any drawer and pull out the color I need. This works great for me and having it on top of the cardstock makes me remember to use the scraps before cutting a new sheet. I just added a wood shelf on top of it to make it stable for the drawer units.

You all know I purchased these cubes they work okay. They can be a pain. Some are even still empty. The bins to the far left house my most used class supplies and cleaning products. Those things that don’t have to be seen everyday.

Next to these cubes is my bookcase that holds my stamps. Currently it’s stamps from the Annual Catalog I have the new holiday stamps in a different place. But I also have some extra paper stored here also. I used a basket magazine holder I’ve had (so no money spent there) holds all my thick whisper white and other Thick Cardstock.

Next to that is another mail sorter I picked up for another reason but it worked out as a great place to store all my regular Whisper White cardstock.

I have a few scrap pieces there but that was going to be for projects that had a lot of pieces so they could all go in the little pockets. And why not put a screw driver there as well. I don’t know why it’s there. In between these two items I have all my extra unopened cardstock standing on its edges so I can see them. I had them in one of the blue fountain era under my paper rack but would forget what I had and order the color I didn’t need. This way I can see what I have extra off at a glance. Tip 5 keep important things where you can see them and not order them when you don’t have to have them.

On the shelf above the cardstock are two clear freezer bins these are the small. The one on the left holds all my notecards and envelopes. And the one on the right holds all my paper Pumpkin stamps in clear little envelopes. These work great because I can slide them out and take them to where I’m working and use them and carry them back.

Next to the book case is a big shot work area and my video area. I have extra storage in the cabinets all in bins and tubs. Except the middle cabinet it holds my score boards and the big trimmer.

I picked up this caddy at Harbor Freight back when in May and now have it put together it holds all the things I need at arms reach while doing a video.

I have the Big Shot area on the counter with a small book shelf that holds my new products that come in. The top shelf was the perfect size to hold all my new style ink pads.

Next to this shelf I added some small three drawer containers to hold all my baker’s twine and embellishments.

The top baskets hold salt and pepper shakers that I picked up at the Dollar Tree to hold glitter. Not that I use a lot of glitter but you never know.

Tip 6: get s rolling cart these are the ikea style and I love them. I have two.

They hold all kinds of things and can be rolled under the counter top opening between the cabinets.

I picked up a few of these little containers at the Dollar Tree and they are great for holding all kinds of pens and things. And they a colorful and you can change them out seasonally.

I use the zip lock bags for kits. For filming I can throw all the cardstock pieces in them and have it all ready to pull out and put together.

Next is some of my art supplies I did the same things with them labeled clear containers and have them on the shelves and used more if the mail sorters and even some napkin holders to hold sketch books and papers.

For projects that have been extras from workshops home events or classes/retreats I have this big basket (sitting on top of my mini microwave) that holds all these projects inside ziplock bags. I have up to the 2 gal size. I will throw the extras in there and they can be purchased at events if people finish early and want something to do.

Next to this is my punch and retired ink storage. It’s a old mail sorter. We picked it up a few years back on the side of the road. Love free stuff. It sits on top of a long two shelf metal book case that I purchased at a yard sale.

The bottom shelves hold my past paper Pumpkin kits and the unused pieces in the boxes plus some extra supplies I don’t use a lot.

The next area you come to is my painting area.

Next to this area is a work table and all my paints.

Yes they are in rainbow order too.

Next to this is the area I keep Class projects they can just go pull one and work on it. And my card display is on the wall. I used wainscoting and some cloths pins attached to hold the card. They look good and it’s easy to change the cards out. This runs the rest of the wall.

Under this area is also my desk. I don’t even know why I have one I don’t use it. It really needs to go.

Here’s a view looking down that Wally from the painting area.

Next to this is the stairs coming up and going down from the studio. Along that little half wall is my card racks with cards for sale. They are $2 each, or if you bring a friend to class you both get to pick five cards from the racks for free.

Next to these are a rolling cart, a small bakers rack which holds my embossing folders and framelits as well as photo props. Then a chest of drawers that holds all my photo equipment and more props.

I used the medium sized clear fridge containers for the embossing folders and framelits.

In the center of the room is my class room table it is a good size I made it with some Mdf and shelves. I needed it to be tall because it has my set of flat files underneath out of the way but accessible. The flat files holds all my drawing, watercolor and other art related papers.

In the center of the table is my turntable ink storage unit that was a gift from a friend. I love it.

It holds all the inks for classes and extra colors. And it’s right there at the ready.

Well as I said I survived this massive ordeal. I hope that you have found some very helpful organizing tips. I forgot to number them all as I was typing sorry. The only other thing that I have plans for is updating the lighting to day light bulbs (high kelvin bulbs) which we are in the process of doing.

Thanks for dropping by. Happy Stampin