Hello and welcome to my blog today. My post today is a little bit different than usual; today I’m going to share with you a few pictures from our longest yard sale adventure at the first on August. This was the second time that we’ve taken this trip but first time we took the dogs with us. We went all the way to outside of Lexington Ky this year and had a lot of fun even through it was hotter then heck. My goal for the trip was to find props for my photos.

The first day it rained most of the trip but we did get to stop at a couple places. One of the first places we stopped was in Tennessee and I stayed at the car with the dogs because it was to muddy to get the babies out in their new stroller (aka the red Cadillac). Charles went to explore the sale and I got out of the car to stretch standing by the side to watch the dogs. I looked in the car and here was Ryland sitting like the king he thinks he is.

This is just the funnest picture to me. He’s such a card. So as we keep going the day got brighter and the rain broke. We stopped at a couple more places and really didn’t see to much. We’re finally able to get the pups out in the red Cadillac and they loved it so much. They did really well. Bella (the Chihuahua Dotson mix) who’s always so scared of everyone and barks at everything was very calm and well behaved. I was a proud daddy. Tillie is always well behaved and loved everyone so I knew she wouldn’t be a problem. Ryland thinks he’s Fabio and everyone’s there to look at how pretty he is wouldn’t be a problem either.

First Night:

We made it to the hotel the first night and stayed in the state park in Corbin Ky. It was a very pretty hotel. Food wasn’t great looked really good but wasn’t that great. But it was about time for the dinning hall to close. But we did have some interesting dinner company.

After dinner we walked out on the deck of the hotel and looked at the wonderful view.  Just looking at the front of the hotel you never would have known that this was behind it.

Day Two:

The next morning we headed out again and stopped a lot that day. It was very hot we would a couple things at the first place we stopped. Charles could a swifter I think is what he called it. It’s a thing that you put yarn on to make balls. And I found my only purchase for the entire trip. I found some great little pockets that I could put card kits in for my classes in the studio. I purchased 3 boxes and should have gotten more. We went on a little ways and decided it was time to go toward the hotel so we did.

Day Three:

The next morning we got up and went up just outside of Lexington and came back down. Again it was a hot day we both hoped for some of the little showers we had had on the first day but no luck. We stopped at a fairground in Tennessee and Charles found a little crystal basket for $5 that he got. It’s now sitting in the dining room.  Here’s a few pictures of some of the things people were selling.

Once we left there we really didn’t stop until we got back closer to Cumberland I think is were but I’m really not sure. I know that the Cumberland playhouse was there so that my not be he name of the city. But this was were we saw some of the most interesting things on the yard sale. For example a box of finger pens that supposedly said dirty words. Just seeing a box of fingers was kind of funny and freaky at the same time.

Then we saw the casket for sale. I think it was more for a Halloween prop but you never know. Well at least I hope that was what it was for. That’s what I keep telling myself and sticking to.

We made one more stop along the way before heading home but all in all we had a great time and the babies did wonderful. Just a little FYI if you want to get a lot of attention at something like this have three dogs in a red stroller. People not only want to see the babies but most wanted to know where we found it. And we would tell them that Charles found it on the Facebook market place.

That’s all for today see you tomorrow with my step It Up cards for this week. Have a wonderful day and happy Stampin