Well technically this is not day three because I’ve worked a little on the studio each day after work. It seems the craft supplies keep multiplying but I keep whittling away at it. To keep with the organizing theme going.

I purchased some of the Recollections storage cubes from Michaels last Friday while they were on sale for 50% off. Which by the way is when I would suggest getting them. Unless you have a great coupon for sale and regular priced items. Even at 50% off they were a little pricey.

Since I’m not the most mechanical person this took awhile. But once I got the groove I was good. I only have one unit that I’m that is my problem child but I’m sure I can get it all worked out.

This was the first set of cubes I put together. I will say that their directions are less than spectacular but not to hard to figure out. You will need more then just the screwdriver they say you need you will also need a very tiny one as well for some of the screws. I’m still trying to figure out where the hammer they recommend you need comes in. Unless it’s to hit yourself for not getting help putting them together. I will share a picture of all the completed cubes in the final reveal.

I’m in the process now of sticking all the paper and other items I need homes for in all the cubes and drawers now.

Thanks for dropping by for day 3! Still around the craft room hasn’t eaten me yet but you never know.

Happy Stampin’