Well yesterday was spent sorting, cleaning off the middle table and moving a few things around. I started off by trying to tackle the worst area in my Craft room the center table. Well after I did a little cleaning swiping up little strips of paper, and those Stampin’ dimensional backings that go everywhere (they multiply worst than glitter). You can see my post from yesterday if you missed it here.

Sort it out:

I started going through the things on the table went through bags and containers and stuff just there. I moved off my big shot machine and cinch and sorted everything else and put things on the table where I thought they my live. Once that was done I took some storage boxes and made three zones KEEP, SALE, DONATE! Can you guess which area had the most stuff so far?

For some reason I had two packs of paper plates and two packs of solo cups. So there’s a box of party supplies on the floor. This seemed to be the most overwhelming part of it all. Because who wants to get rid of something that they purchased. I think I need a friend to come over and help and ask every time I pick something up do you Love it and does it bring you joy. This would help reduce the keep pile drastically because I’m thinking need. I need it all! And in reality I don’t need it all I just want it. So a final sort will be happening again before we’re done.

Once I had the table going and finished I tackled the shelves along the other side of the studio. And went through all of them and decided if I would keep sale or donate the things there. Once I had them sorted I started putting there back and organizing them into boxes I already had that I emptied out by going through them and sorting and tossing what was old.

I also emptied out the punches and ink that was in the sorter and book case.

This is the start of the reorganization of the shelf here. I still have to go through that bottom box but I am planning on putting my mail out supplies down there. I have some bigger USPS FLAT RATR BOXES that want fit in my mail area at the moment so that will be perfect.

Labels labels and more.

I went through and used my P-touch label maker and labeled all the bins so I could tell at a glance what was what.

That’s were I am so far I will let you know how things are going. And remember if you don’t hear from me the craft supplies ate me send help.