Let’s look at the problem….

I am being a little vulnerable this morning sharing this disaster that I let happen in my studio well that I always let happen. So that means that something is not working so it’s time to fix it. I thought hey I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem so I will share the explosion in a little series on my blog. A series about craft room organization. Now I am no expert but I will share with you what all I figure out along the way. So let’s start with a little tour of the disaster.

When you walk into my studio this is one of the first things you see my big center table that I made when I had an art studio at Lowe Mills I’m Huntsville Alabama. I created it with a sheet of MDF on top of two shelves. I use it for classes and really that’s it. So must of be times it becomes a catch all for supplies that I’ve used, or orders that’s came in, things that I’ve taken to a class and it gets dropped on the table. Underneath the table I have storage. I have my scraps stored on this side by color. In the middle I have a set of flat files that contain my art papers. On the other side is more store that houses things I don’t use a lot. Table Easels for when I do a painting class, watercolor paints are stored there and some printmaking ink supplies and some just random stuff. Moving around the room you have the paper storage that l’ve been working on organizing. I’ve gotten this pretty much organized the way it needs to be. I’m thinking that the placements of the racks my not stay here. I had placed a piece of wood on the top as a little shelf for things at one time the big shot sat there but I was always pulling it out and putting it somewhere. This is my workstation (don’t judge me) I know it’s a mess and most of the time it’s in a constant state of disaster. This is a newer addition to the craft room. I found these cabinets in my neighborhood, the neighbor was throwing them away from a remodel so I snagged them. Things like this or anything really you put on the side of the road around here doesn’t stay there very long. Usually about 15 minutes before it’s gone. I had been wanting cabinets and a counter top workstation for awhile and I’m glad I waited. Now all I’m doing is trying to pick out a counter top, but haven’t really decided yet. I film on one side and well originally was going to design on the other but as you can see it to becomes a catch all for things. The funny piece of headboard above the workstation is were the past owner had some type of weight machine attached to the wall so there’s big bolts sticking out from it. I have display selves on the wall. I’ve tried baskets and what not to contain the clutter but I’m one of those if I can’t see it I forget it things. This is the wall of shelves my punch storage is in a old mail sorter we picked up somewhere I’m not even sure now where. The shelf to the far left is the problem child it’s has things on it that well I’m not sure. Also the bottom shelves have things stored in them but somehow they get pulled out and not put back away. On top is a flower press I got, some art props, and who even knows. Coming up the other side of the studio you have more display areas for cards my drafting table that is now being used to hold my photo booth because I couldn’t find anything else. My desk is on this side that I got intending to use for “business things, mail outs catalogs etc. as you can see not much business goes on there. I also have my easel and canvas on this side of the room. So that’s the space in a nutshell. Well let the decluttering and organization begin. Wish me luck and if you don’t hear from me again the craft room ate me send help. I will let you know how the progress goes stay tune.