Today I’m up at the butt crack of dawn and getting ready to leave for my Stampin’ Cousins (I’ll explain that in a minute) one day retreat close to Nashville. It’s going to be a fun day of presentations, stamping and well just fun.

My bags are all packed well sort of, I still need to find my extra battery for my phone and pack my Selfie ring light oh and my selfie stick so I can take some fun photos today. Let’s hope I can find them. I know where my ring light is I use it all the time. You would think since I have two I would keep one in my bag, but that’s not how we roll around here.

Stampin’ Up! Family Tree:

Anyway as I said I’m going to Julie Salva’s Stampin Sisters Cinco deMayo one day Retreat. Julie is on the same Stampin’ Up! Team or family that I’m in. We are all part of the Stampin’ Flock. Which makes us all under the wonderful Phyllis Shepherd. Being on a team is really like being part of a family. You have your upline, (which is the person you sign up under) then you have your sidelines ( people on the same team. They stand beside you!) Well then you have your grand upline which is the person your upline is under and than the great grand upline.

So for me I’m under a Mary (my upline) Phyllis (grand upline) Jill Olson (great grand upline) and then there’s Janet Baker (great great grand upline) who by the way is Sara Douglas’ great aunt and Shellie’s aunt. The you have all your Stampin’ sisters brothers cousins. It’s just one big happy family. Now I think I have that all right as far as the family tree goes. But you get the picture.

I hope you have a stamp felled Cinco de Mayo today. So I’m about to finish my coffee and head out the door.

Happy Stampin’