Today I am going to share with you the big project that I have worked on for the last couple months.  I have worked on this with my sweet husband since the end of October.  Each year we pull out all the Christmas decor and start decorating for Christmas. This year was no different, we did change things up this year.   We made some a lot of the decorations this year.  So since today is Christmas Eve I wanted to share a little home tour with you, we invite friends each year to come one night and we have a little Christmas Open House/Christmas party.  Somehow I forgot to take pictures during the party/open house which was on my to do list since I am planning on documenting the holiday season using the Merry Little Christmas Memory and more collection.  Come on in an let’s start the tour shall we.  We are going to start the tour outside coming up the walkway.

Coming in the front door we have to Living room tree.

This is the view from the hall way of the living room tree. 

I like how Ryland slipped in the picture for this one. 

Charles made the garland hanging on the mantel.

Next we will move to the dinning room.

This china cabinet came from Charles’ mom and dad’s house

Most of the decorations on this tree was made my Charles’ mom before she passed. 

Charles also made this garland in the dinning room.  If you notice in the picture you will see the teddy bear, he is sitting in Charles’ High chair. 

This picture is the side of the bar in the dinning room, so we will move to the kitchen now.  The tree on the bar is decorated with all types of Foody ornaments, tea cups, food, and anything kitchen related.

This old dresser we use as an island in the center of the kitchen.  Charles has gold pine cone ornaments in the large jar behind the scale. 

We picked up this display stand a few years ago at a Thrift Store or flee market one, and Charles turned it into a coffee bar this year for me. 

From the Kitchen we can see the downstairs bathroom.  This tree has a lot of handmade ornaments on it.  Some I made and some Charles made this year.

In the hallway we did a little decorating as well.  Charles didn’t get a picture of the stairway this year.  Some of the Christmas ornaments on this tree came from Dollar General.  They had the perfect country handmade feel to them and they were next to nothing.  Charles made some kraft tags and added burlap roses on them as ornaments.  Some of the handmade ornaments that I shared with you all are on this tree as well.

The down stairs bedroom is next and right across this little scene.  The birdhouse painting on the wall is Charles’ first solo painting after taking a few painting classes while I was teaching painting at Michael’s.

I love how the small tree is in the slay that Charles’ dad built many years ago for him. 

As we leave the downstairs bedroom we move up the hallway back to the living room, and off the living room is Charles’ antique room (the parlor).   This is a room I try not to go in because it’s filled with antiques and I am like a bull in a china shop and would end up breaking something.

The Peacock painting on the wall is the first painting I did for Charles as a birthday present. 

Charles has a small table set up in front of the fireplace in the parlor set up with a small tea set. 

He has all these Victorian dolls set all around the room and under the Christmas tree.  They creep me out to many horror movies. 

This is the Parlor tree it’s actually filled with Victorian type ornaments, peacocks, and so much more.  It’s actually on a rotating tree stand this year, so it will turn the entire time it’s on.  So if you have thought about one of these stands I say go for it, but just be aware you have to decorate it all the way around. 

Thanks for dropping by today I hope that you have enjoyed our little home tour.  I will be back tomorrow with a little Christmas Card Parade for you.  I hope that you have a wonderful holiday and a Merry Christmas.