Hello my friends, I hope that you are doing well today.  I announced this in my newsletter last week to my subscribers, and wanted to share with everyone else.  This year I am focusing on something that is really big in the world.  It’s Huge!!!

What’s Big in the World?

Well, I am about to tell you!  What is something that everyone has and some look forward to and others repeat over and over each year?   If you answered Birthday’s you would be correct.  How many of us send Birthday wishes online now instead of sending a card?  I hate telling someone happy birthday on Social Media.  If feel so impersonal and lacks a lot of meaning.  My goal this year is to send out more Birthday cards and help others do the same.


We all know people who have them and we all need Birthday cards.  Well, I want to help you celebrate each and everyone of these special Birthdays this year.  And to do this I am starting a Birthday Bash Club!  What is this you may ask well its a traditional stamping club, but all the projects will focus only on Birthday’s.   I am taking sign ups from both customers and fellow demonstrators who want to join my New Birthday Bash Club.

The club will start once there are ten people that have signed up for it.  So don’t delay in signing up spaces are becoming limited.   Sign up here!

Club Details:

  • The club will have 10 members in it.   Each member will spend $15 each month in my online store using the hostess code provided, by the 15th of each month.
  • Each member will commit to be in the club for the entire year.  Each member will take turns being the hostess.  At the time of signing up months will be assigned by order in which you sign up for the Birthday Bash Club.
  • During your month as the Hostess you may bring other orders to be submitted using the Hostess code provided.  This will increase your hostess rewards for that month.  Each month each hostess will be guaranteed $150 in hostess rewards once all spots are filled.
  • Each month you will be sent a kit with some supplies to create the Club projects that month.   These will be mailed after you submit your club order.  I will hold an event on the private Birthday Bash Facebook group (which you will get an invitation to join upon signing up).

This club is designed to meet the need of so many that struggle with what to send for someone’s birthday and only comes to so much frustration to just send either a text or a Facebook post.  This club is designed to help each person create birthday cards each month so that you will have cards on hand for anyone in your life that you can send out without having to result to the cyber birthday greeting.  When a person gets a card in the mail it makes them smile and they talk about it.  When you send a cyber greeting the person my look at it once and move on.  And if it’s on Facebook it’s gone in the matter of minutes.   Let’s bring birthday backs.



I plan on being part of the #Imbringingbrithdaysback movement this year.  It is my goal to send out handmade birthday cards this year to anyone that asks.   I would like to send you a handmade card for your birthday.   If you would like to receive a handmade birthday card please fill out this form below.  If you want to join my Birthday Bash Card sign up above.

Sign up to get a Birthday Card: