Today I am going to share with you the reason I haven’t been posting a lot of cards the last few weeks.   We have been getting everything ready for Christmas, we got a little late start than we should have this year.   Since Christmas is really big at our house, it’s a big deal.   So I am going to give you a short little walk through of our home and decorations.

Living Room:

We are going to start with the living room, and will walk room by room sharing what we did.  So the living room tree is about 9 to 9 1/2 feet tall flocked tree decorated with Santa, red, & gold ornaments.  Along with the ornaments it has some homemade trim on it, along with a big Santa Bow at the top.

Santa Tree

On the tree we placed the handmade garland that I made a couple years ago along with some of Charles Mom’s gloves in remembrance of her.


Moving over to the fireplace we placed a evergreen garland across it and two bows on either end (that match the wreaths on the outside windows around the house and the candy cane bow on the kitchen tree).  To decorate the garland we put the large colored bulbs on it along with red and gold ornaments that match the wreath on the front door as well as the tree.


Above the mantel we placed some bronze reindeer along with some Christmas candle holders and an antique lamp.

Mantel Living room 2.jpg

To finish off the fire place we created this arrangement in an antique box that we had picked up at a thrift store.

living room fireplace.jpg

Parlor Tree and Decor:

The parlor is also were all Charles’ antique furniture is so most everything there is decorated in a Victorian type style.  The tree is covered in Victorian styled ornaments, peacocks, roses, and more.


The table in the center of the room is decorated with silver, blue, and teal ornaments in a crystal punch bowl, and he has placed some antique candle holders on the table as well as some of his cake stands.  Notice the fake plum pudding (or Christmas cake) on the cake stand awaiting guests.  He has even did place settings, with some of his china.


The mantel was decorated with blues, teals, sliver, and white, and some evergreen boughs.  He placed an angel in the center of the arrangement and his little cherub statutes around.   He hung cross stitched stockings on each end of the mantel.  The entire room has Victorian dolls everywhere around.

The parlor was finished with the nativity set going up but somehow we can not figure out were we put the manger last year.   He also decorated his lamp in front of the window that faces the front porch.

Kitchen, Dinning, and Bathroom:

The Kitchen tree is always decorated with food, or food themed ornaments, even little tea cups.  kitchen-tree-2kitchen-tree

The Bathroom tree is decorated with all type of teddy bear ornaments, and even some real teddy bears too.   We placed the tree in a galvanized wash basin, this gives both a whimsical yet country feel to go along with the bear theme.


The dinning room is really decorated, every little space it seems has something Christmas on it.  The tree in the dinning room has some of Charles mom’s crochet work on it.   Each one handmade  with hours and hours of tatting, crochet and other yarn work.   She was very talented at handwork.   Along with this tree which really stands in her memory Charles placed some angels on the tree.


The buffet was decorated with more vintage lights and different serving pieces.   Greeny, candles, and more.


The dinning room fireplace was decorated with a Santa statue, and other Christmas decor pieces.   The China cabinets were both decorated with a few pieces some big some small, but all decked out and ready to go.

The hallway and stairway leading to the extra bedroom are all decked out too.

The tree at the top of the stairwell is decked out in Stars and gold and cream bows, just like the garland going up the stairway.   Moving into the spare room everything has a touch of Christmas somewhere, even the bed.

The mantel is decked in evergreens, and silver & gold embellishments, the tree was placed inside a hand made sleigh and has white lights on it to mimic the gold in the centerpiece.

As you can see this has taken a lot of time, and careful thought out process, each stocking was hung with care in hopes that St. Nick would soon arrive.   Christmas is a big time around our house.  It is such a festive time of year that we love to dress the house with the spirit and joy of the season.

Thanks for dropping by today and I hope that you enjoyed my little home tour.  Join me again for a recap of some of my Christmas cards that I created this year, some of which I have shared on my blog and some that I have not.   I will also be making some big announcements in the upcoming days, and weeks.  I wish that you each and all have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Ramadan, which ever you celebrate I wish you a very happy and merry season.