Hello Stampers and Crafers today I was going to  share a card with you that was meant for yesterday, but I didn’t get time to post it.  But, instead I have decided to share with you my experience yesterday.  I had a really interesting one and the day before.  I spent Wednesday night addressing all our Christmas cards, and getting them ready to go to the post office. Yes, I know last minute.   But, they are ready to go now and will be put in the mail if they haven’t been already.   So now let me tell you about yesterday.


RAK (Random Act of Kindness):

I got up to go to work the next morning  and was driving down the long country road and started hearing a bumping noise.  Well on this particular road there is hardly any place to pull off to see what was going on.   As the bumping got worse I was afraid originally afraid I had gotten bad gas or worse taunted gas from Mapco.   Once I finally did I found this.


Yes, when I do something I do it really well.  I know I can joke about this now but I was actually really scared at the time.   Well, while I was standing there looking at the tire, I called home and had Charles come out, with the thought to pick me up and take me to work.  Then I called the manager and told her what had happened and that I would be late.  While on the phone with her a car pulled and and a gentleman got out and asked if I needed any help and if I had a spare he would be happy to help me change it.  When he got out I thought by his appearance that most people would be scared of him.  He was covered in tattoos, and wasn’t dressed all that well as some would hope.  He was dressed for work, he had to be a laborer by the way he was dressed.  I noticed that he had grease on his hands so I was assuming that he was a mechanic.  I told him that I had someone on the way, but no I didn’t have a spare.  (Side note I had one last year and I had a flat and changed it and put the spare on and went to Firestone to get a new tire.  While on my way there the spare did pretty much what you see in the picture above.)  So I was suppose to buy a rim and tire and have a new spare made, needless to say I kind of forgot about that until yesterday standing there looking down at this tire and the nice gentlemen asked if I had a spare.  As I stood there I am guessing that the look on my face told the story as I uttered the words No, and explained why.  Without missing a beat he replied with I think I have one at my house that would fit, with that he jumped back in his car and went to check.  He came back a little while later and said he did and brought a professional jack back with him.  He had me take the small jack out from under the car and he placed the big jack under the car and jacked it up took off the shredded tire off threw it in his truck and headed back home to replace the tires.   After about an hour he came back, he apologized for taking so long:  “I had the tire on in 15 minutes but couldn’t find my air compressor.   My Son had used it and moved it.”  He then told me that he went another 15 minutes out of the way to blow the tire up and came all the way back and put it on.  I asked him how much I owed him for all his trouble and the tire and he refused to take any money from me,  and replied “Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!”   I asked for his name and address so that I could at least send him a Thank You card.  So he did agree to that.

This just goes to show you that you shouldn’t judge people by the way they look, talk, or who they love.   You never know how they truly are.    The road that I was on is a very busy road, during the couple hours that I was on the side of the road many many cars went by, and only two people actually stopped to ask if I needed help.   The man with the tire and another.  My whole point is sometimes it’s the smallest things that we do for others that mean so much.  This Random act of kindness was so meaning full to me yesterday and I will never forget this kindness.  We all can make a difference in people’s lives by doing small acts of kindness for others, be it leaving a card on their car, taking their groceries to the car or up to their doors, among many other things.   I encourage you all to do small things for others, without any thought of whats in it for me, just a genuine act of kindness towards your fellow man.