Yesterday I shared on my Facebook page about receiving my title advancement gift.  I achieved the title of Silver last month or so.   Now I don’t really remember when I did it.  Lol.  

A little about titles.  When you join Stampin’ Up! As a demonstrator you now you get the initial title of Bronze (which used to be just associate in the old compensation plan).  Advancing in title is based on your sales; (meaning you have to sale x amount of dollars to advance) along with recruitment, and leadership.   The titles are broke up in levels with each level the monthly sales requirement goes up and the number of recruits you need goes up.  Along with leadership.  For example for my next advancement I need to recruit 4 more people to give me a total of five and I need to lead(Guide/coach) one of them to advance to the level of silver.   Than each level after that has new requirements for us and our team to reach for advancement.   Which is really great for everyone involved.   

I have only been  a Independent Stampin’ Up! demonstrator since June of 2015.  So within eight months I have advanced in title two times since the new compensation plan went into effect in October.   So this is a big accomplishment!    I am super excited and looking forward to making the move to the next level.  

Title advancements aren’t the only benefits to being a Demostrator. It’s just a small portion of the fun.  

  • As a demonstrator you can get up to 25% off your orders. (Which on workshops that’s Instant Income for you) 
  • Chances to win great prizes & Trips 
  • Flex account which is based on sales and achievements.  Which can be used to purchase things in the flex account store.  
  • You have the freedom to work your business as you want.  Part time or full time or just as a hobbyist. 
  • You get to preorder from the new catalogs a month before it goes on sale to everyone else. 😃

What more could you ask for!   

Before I joined I enjoyed paper crafting but it wasn’t something I was oh I have to do this everyday.  I was an artist and worked on my art business.  I started making cards to take to art shows just to add something for people to purchase at a different price level than a painting.   I started watching how well my cards were doing compared to art sales and thought hey I need to look into doing this as part of my business all the time.   I had been watching videos from people who were demonstrators but didn’t really know what Stampin’ Up! Was.   So I started doing research and knew it was the company I wanted to join and work along side.  So I joined and now the stars are the limit. 

Current Goal:   I’m currently working toward the incentive trip to Thailand.  That’s my goal, I know it’s a lofty goal but I know that with a little determination and love from my friends I can achieve this goal.    
If you have been thinking about joining or never heard of Stampin’ Up! until now and your looking for a great adventure make the plunge.  If you would like to talk about it send me an email and I will try to answer any question at all.   If you would like to join my team (which is called the Kinsmon’s Crafters) I would be excited to work with you.  To join my team you don’t have to live in the same state as I do or the same city, as long as you live in North America you can join me in the fun.  You can find more information about joining my team Here!  I look forward to talking to you soon.