Today’s project is an easy and quick Candy Cane Treat Holder.   These treat holders are so quick you can knock out a lot in a short period of time.

Tips and Tricks:

  • I found it much easier to make these using the stampin’ trimmer because I had both the cutting and scoring blades on it.  I could cut them and score all at the same time.   It was easier for me than going to the score board or having both right there taking up more space on my desk.
  • This is a quick and easy project that anyone could do.   I rate this on the easy scale.   your first score line is at 6.75 and then the next score make is at 7.25 and that’s all the scoring.  See how easy is that.
  • I punched two holes beside the candy cane to tie my ribbon through and to help add a little extra security.   Since must candy canes come wrapped I secured mine even more by adding two glue dots on it.   One on the cane and one behind the flap at the bottom to help hold it up.   candy cane treat holder tie

These would be great for a school class party or to give to your postman, hairstylist, or anyone that you want to give just a little something for the holidays to.

I love the little Candy Cane die cut that comes in the bundle.   It was just perfect for this project.   Candy Cane treat holder 1

Make sure you leave a comment below.  I have three of these kits that I am going to give away on Monday.  I will announce the winners on a new post then.   Good Luck!candy cane treat holder

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