If you are looking for something inexpensive but nice to give to someone or just as a home decor piece then this is the project for you.   It is super easy and super fun.   Not to mention quick to do.

There are two different ways to do this one uses wax paper (which is the method I prefer after trying the non wax paper method in this video).   Full instructions can be found by watching the video.

Supplies Need:

  • Cheap (inexpensive) Candle.   I picked mine up in a three pack at the At Home Store.   I have also used some from Dollar Tree and they worked great.   The inexpensive ones worked better than the more expensive brands.
  • Tissue Paper (Just plain old Tissue paper we wrap gifts in)
  • Stamps and ink
  • VersaMark and embossing powder
  • Heat Gun
  • Glue Stick
  • Wax Paper

Tips and Tricks:

I found it much easier to do the embossing using the wax paper technique compared to just gluing the tissue down.  Maybe it was because I was used to do it that way but to me it seemed a lot easier.   You will want to have enough wax paper to wrap around your candle and hold firmly.   Make sure you don’t reuse the Wax paper Yes it’s temping but don’t do it!   The wax build up from doing the embossing will mess up your new candle and leave bumps and dents.   So it’s just easier to use a new piece.  Yes, I did it myself so that’s why I am telling you not to.

I hope you give this a try, its a great technique to do and you can do a bunch and have them on hand for that unexpected guest.   I will post the video about making the embossed candle gift box later on in the week so keep your eyes open for it.

Thanks for dropping by and crafting with me.   Until next time happy Stampin’





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