As promised I have made a video telling you how to make your very own gold watercolors.   It really isn’t very hard.   I found it to be very simple much more so then I originally had thought it would be.

Things you will need:

  • Paper Plate (without printing is best because its hard to see all the colors you will be pulling off with the printed one.   White is also better because it gives you a true color)  for mixing.
  • Gum Arabic (Any Brand I used the Windsor Newton brand)
  • Schmincke Tro-Col-Bronze Pigment 
  • Small Pallet knife
  • dropper (like an eye dropper, or bottle that has a nice long top link in the video which I picked up at my local craft store.)
  • Container with lid (I used some bead containers I had {for which I am still trying to figure out why I had them}.)
Schincke Tro-col-bronze
Schmincke Colors pictured Note the Aluminum & Rich Gold

These come in three colors on the Dick Blick website.   Rich Pale Gold, Silver, and Bronze.   I got the Rich Pale Gold and the Silver when I ordered there was two other gold colors.   I see there are alternative since I hunted these down  like a dog last year.   They have came out with a new line which I can not say anything about because I have not used the Schmincke Aqua Bronze.   So I don’t know if they would be used the same way.  But, Hey anything is worth trying.   It will be a while before I invest in them since a little goes a long way.    I did give you the link so that you can go and check them out also.

That’s really all it was to it.   I hope you give it a try and have fun using them.

Make sure you watch the video to see how to make the gold watercolors.


Thanks for watching and wanting to learn how to make your own watercolors.   Enjoy and have fun.


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