If you have been thinking about having a class or party with Stampin’ Up!   Now is the time.    With this great new promotion that starts today.    

If you have can answer yes to even one of these questions then hosting a class or party is what you have been looking for!   

  • Do you like free stuff? 
  • Have you been feeling like life is in a rut?
  • Have you been looking for a creative fun outlet?
  • Have you been wanting to get together with friends and have a great night out doing something fun?
  • Do you buy birthday or other cards? 
  • Can you cut with scissors? 
  • Do you hate having to go to the store to find gifts or gift packaging?
  • Do you like to make or receive hand made items for gifts? 

These are just a few of the questions that if you answered yes to even one then you would make a great host.    

Here’s what I can do for you!  I can teach you and your friends and family how to make all these and more. And it’s no where as hard as you may think.  You can host a party or class in your home or even virtual all you have to do is contact me soon and we set up your party for sometime between now and Nov 8th and if your sales for the party reaches $300 or more you qualify for an additional 3% stampin rewards in addition to your normal 12%.   

You may think that that doesn’t add up to a lot but you couldn’t be more wrong.   That little extra percentage can put up to another product that you earn for free.   Even if your totals doesn’t reach the $300 mark once you hit $150 -$299 you still earn the normal 10%.  So let’s do the math. Say your party totals are only $157.89 before taxes and shipping.  So you have earned $15.79 in free products.   So if you sale 299.01 then that’s still $29.90 in free products.  Now if you sale 389.45 in sales you normally receive that’s $46.73 in free products. So let’s add in the extra 3% to that number that brings that same sales up to $58.42 in free products! That’s a difference of $11.69 pretty good for a little 3%.  This would be a great thing to do to earn Christmas presents for that crafting friends and family. 

So what’s stopping you for a fun filled night of fun friends and crafting.  Contact me now to set up your class or workshop. Don’t hesitate to set up a fun filled evening with your friends.   If you have any questions about classes or parties leave me a comment or email me at rick@rckinsmonstudio.net