So I’ve been busy the last few weeks getting ready for an art and craft fair.   So I had to stay off my blog and social media as much as possible to get ready.  It’s finished for this week I’ve another one next week.  But here are my thoughts.  

10. Don’t assume your work is bad if it doesn’t sell.   

  • You don’t know what people are attracted to 
  • Don’t give up and get frustrated if the sells are not coming he way you hoped or if you did the same show last year and sells was better.  
  • People have other things to spend money on and we don’t know their situations.  

9.  Do your research! 

  • Make sure you research the show, location city economic resources etc 
  • Talk to others that have done the show before.  It will help you in the long run. 

8.  Pricing is key! 

  • Just because people will pay x amount for something in one area doesn’t necessarily mean they will in another.  
  • You have to know your market.
  • I ran a show special for this show and dropped certain size paintings by half because I knew from past experience that they wouldn’t sell at the higher price point. 
  • I know it’s some say it’s not good to drop your prices but if you know your market then you do what is needed to make your sells. Now I’m not saying give it away.  I still covered my cost. 

7. People buy what they are attracted to

  • So make sure your display is well done 
  • Your items are stellar 
  • Don’t assume you know what everyone will want because you don’t.  
  • I’am always amazed at what and how much of an item will sell. Usually not the items I expect do best.   
  • Also timing of your merchandise.  For example I made star Christmas ornaments for this show and only sold one.  I thought they would sell out because they were so unique and no one else was selling them.   I sold one. Labor Day show was to early for Christmas items.  

6.  Location location location 

  • If at all possible get in a high traffic area on the show route.   Because more people go on the main lanes and some don’t do the inside lanes.  
  • I try to always get in the outside lanes due to experience.   
  • At this show I try to get in at the entrance or close to it.   So I’m one of the first booths people see.  
  • I know this isn’t always possible.   Some shows tell you your location.  

5. Stay positive 

  • People can tell when your having a bad day or not in a good mood 
  • People want to buy from someone that’s happy to be there. 

4.  Stay off your phone or devices 

  • Don’t be on your phone texting or on social media when people are coming in and out.  This is not good customer service and it’s just rude.  

3. Say hello 

  • Greet everyone!   I try to do this with a smile as soon as they walk in but sometimes I have to after they are in the booth for a minute.  
  • I try not to interfere with Their conversations. As soon as I get a chance I greet them.  
  • I try not to run up to them when they walk in.  They get scared 

2. Sit Slightly behind the sells area not in it.  

  • I noticed my first year that she I sat outside or behind the tent more people came in but when I was sitting inside people would walk on by and not say a word.  
  • The body language I got from them was please don’t pressure me to buy.  
  • So now I set up my sells area slightly behind the tent with a table, my iPad (since I use square for sells) bags and a cute arrangement or display item.   I found more people came into the tent to look around.   I only get up if I’m not standing if they look like they are having problems or have questions.   I let them shop the way I like to shop no pushy sells tactics approach.   This has worked very well for me. 
  • Beware of body language.   Sometimes you have people you have to help to finalize the sell. Just don’t be pushy.  

1. BE FRIENDLY! But not pushy

  • This one is really self explanatory 
  • I greet everyone and try to stay off my phone as much as possible so I can give my upmost attention to my customers.  
  • I even try not to be carrying on conversations with the people helping me family that are visiting or my friends that are doing the same show while people are in my booth.  I want them to feel like they have my undivided attention without pushing them into a sell.   

I hope you find these tips helpful if you are thinking about doing a show.   These are things that I find have worked for me I’m not saying that they will work for everyone or that you have to follow everything that I do because you don’t.   What works for me may not work for you in your situation.   Just try the ones that you may think will help.  I am big on the no phone greeting and not being pushy rules because I will walk right out if someone doesn’t show a little interest in me being in their booth when their face is glued to their phone or they run over and try to push a sell down mr throat.