Whats the best way to get better at stamping?   Well that’s such a hard question.   The easiest answer is so simple and very often over looked.   “Its just find time to stamp.  No matter how small or how often.  Five minutes a day can do wonders.”

The other piece of advice I can give is if you make one card go ahead and make two.   You already have the cardstock cut more then likely so why not go ahead and make another one.   But this time step it up a little.  Add some different embellishments, change the ink color.   Try something new on it.  “What happens if I mess it up?”   Flip it over and try again if its your layer that you stamped, there are two sides to your paper.   If its a card cut it in half and use the other side, you can always attach it to another card base.   Fear with keep you from doing alot of things that you can do.   Be FEARLESS!   I see this all the time when I teach painting classes, people are so afraid they are going to mess the canvas up.   I tell them the same thing be fearless theirs nothing that you can do that we can not figure out how to fix it.   We can paint over the canvas and start over if we need to.   The same rule applies to card making, paper crafting and anything we do in life.

yellow vest card
For example this was the first tux card I made.   So I liked it but thought I could do something else with it.  So this is what I came up with.

black tuxAs you can see I just changed somethings around and stepped it up just a little and came up with a new card idea just a little different.   If you have any questions or comments about other stepping up ideas contact me.  I would be happy to answer any question.


Happy Stampin!