I have read many articles on this subject, yet as an artist I still find I am not sure if I’ve found my own voice.

I have a tendency to jump from subject to subject. I love the subjects that I paint done get me wrong. But, do I think they are my voice no. The only constant in all of these paintings are my love for color.

How does one find his or her own voice? This is a question I’m still not able to answer. Everyone says it will come but sometimes I’m just not sure. I paint things that I like and enjoy do they all fit together? NO. Have I given up? I hope not. I m still searching for my voice and one day I will find it.

They say it has to be something that moves you. Well what I paint moves me at the moment. Does that count? Question yet unanswered.

Maybe I’m fighting a internal battle between what I want to say and the thought of being a working artist. I don’t know. Time and God only knows.