What is the most difficult things about making a living as an artist? This could be simplest question to answer, if I could fully answer this I would be rich. But, unfortunately I am not rich, nor well off. I struggle everyday with this question as most do.

Artists have to be business minded. Especially nowadays, you don’t only have to deal with the market but also other so called artists that are selling work that is not really fine art but more craft. People that think they are artists, I hear this everyday at the studio and at art festivals. “Oh I can do that” or so and so paints I can have them do it for me for free. People that all their knowledge of painting is from a sip and strokes type class. There is a lot more to being a true artist then just taking a few classes where you drink and have a good time and finish a painting in a few hours. I and must others have spent lots of time money and energy to educate ourselves in our profession. Yes, art and being a profession. We spend more time promoting working and business type things then must other types of businesses.

Being an artist is more then just throwing some paint on a canvas and saying I’m done. Or taking a design per made and filling it in and calling it done. The general public doesn’t seem to think this way. Oh your an artist. With smirked nose. We must educate the public about our work and yes it’s work. We spend probably on average about 60 to 80 hours a week working. Even when we are not creating we are working we are trying to promote our work, get it out there and getting people to purchase our hard labors of love.

Haggling over the price of art is not nice. Would you like us to come to your office and and talk to your boss about how your work isn’t worth what you are being paid. I don’t think so.

Taking photos of artists work is not good either. Not only are you stealing but you are violating the artists copyright of his or her work. We own every bit of our work down to who and where it is seen. So coming through the studio and snapping pictures isn’t cool. You are stealing the work from the artist. Especially if you are printing them out to hang on your wall or post on social media sites with out giving credit to the artist. The same can be said about copy work and painting it yourself band then trying to sell it.

The general public needs to remember that we are self employed and work art sell to art sell or pay check to pay check like most Americans. So be kind and don’t say or don any of the things I have touched on. And believe me this is just a small list. There are plenty more I could touch on. If you like a piece and you can’t afford the original chances are you can get a print postcard or card at a cheaper price. You not only get something but you are helping someone make money on their chosen profession.