What a color pouring is a new and interesting technique that I have discovered. I found this a few years ago but couldn’t find any information on anywhere finally after much research and hunting on the Internet I found the technique and detailed instructions.

This technique is so simple and so easy I never would have thought it would’ve been. what a color pouring is simply done with three colors red yellow and blue. He makes up for washes in different values of each of these shades. Your first step is to mask off the area you want to keep white. Then you do your first initial or starting with yellow adding read and edit then adding blue letting the colors mingle and mold on the paper. Then you draw that area or let it dry completely and then mask off the next flight is later. You then add a new layer of color starting with the same process the yellow first read and then the yellow but these are a little stronger. And you keep building up while you’re painting layer by layer until you’ve completed your painting.