What’s the hardest thing about painting? I’ve been asked this question several times. To me the hardest thing about hanging it’s simply finding time. Sometimes life gets in the way and things happen, sometimes you just don’t feel like painting. Other times you just move the brush around thinking oh I’m creating something great and wonderful and it turned out not to be so great wonderful.

So to answer this question the hardest thing about painting is simply sometimes just find the time to paint.

Everyone always says to paint every day if you expect to get better if you expect to learn things. But, it’s sometimes just not that easy you get up you don’t feel good you want to go do something else. But, I have found that it’s easier just to get up and put brush to paper. Sometimes this process is just warming up sometimes you do several small one at paintings just to get in the mood to paint if you just start you usually because in the mood. sometimes these mood paintings may not be great they may not be wonderful but usually after you get done your inspired and ready to go.

So mad vast everyone out there is just get it painted it doesn’t have to be wonderful what does I had to be great just get up and do it I know that’s easier said than done but, sometimes happy accidents room will occur and make life a lot easier to deal with every day because his artist, if we don’t paint we shrivel up and creatively speaking we die.

So instead of thinking I’m going to get it and create a masterpiece just get up and put paint to brush to paper or canvas and just have fun. A simple five minute warm-up and painting session can take you to the next level.

So in closing just remember you don’t have to create a masterpiece every day sometimes it’s just thinking about painting or the process that can help you get to the next level of your career. Happy painting!!!!!