How many artist out there buy a multitude of colors; one right after the next? I for one am one of those. I am like a child in the proverbial candy store. I find tons of yummy colors all wrapped up in gorgeous packaging and just have to have it.

Although I have learned lately that I only really need three colors at most. As long as I have a red, blue, and yellow: I am set for a lifetime of amusement and colorful joy.

These three sample colors, can make a world of new and exciting colors. Sometimes just by letting the mingle and mittens on the paper itself. While other times I mix them on the pallet to create great and wonderful New colors.

I challenge you to try the limited palette of just the primary colors it doesn’t matter what red yellow or blue you use. As long as you use one of them alongside one of the others. These combinations can create a plethora of exciting new colors. If you want to change the way your artwork looks, This method can teach you a world of new and exciting combinations of colors.

In closing I just want to say that this has changed my perspective on painting. Not only has to change my perspective on painting it has also saved me money in the long run. By only experimenting with these colors you gain a knowledge of color theory. Along with finding out new and exciting combinations to add to your mental library. I have gained so much more knowledge in that color theory practice and can create more colors when I do use more than these three simple hues.